MAXION® Jänsch & Ortlepp GmbH

Drilling machines made in Germany


MAXION bench and column drilling machines are known for their high quality and product reliability as well as for MAXION‘s technical know-how.

Quill drillings are honed

The deflection remains low even under high drilling pressure. This is possible by using hefty steel tubes as columns and also caused by robust dimensioning of all components. Spindles from installation size 15/18 and more are embedded in ball casters.
The quills are secured against torsion due to self-adjusting channels.
Large v-belt pulleys, dynamically balanced, guarantee a safe power transmission even with lower rotation speed and a calmer run. In accordance with the EU-Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG our machines have to be equipped with a drill guard.

(image on the right: The quill drillings are honed in the micrometer range.)

Infinitely variable drives (ST)


Infinitely variable drives (ST)
The infinitely variable drives run very calm and require little maintanance. They are easily adjustable and they have, provided by a speed reduction between intermediate transmission and spindle disc, sufficient power reserves even at low rotation speed. (graph on the right)

Long-lasting and heavy-duty v-belts, that are cross-stabilised, are used only. Reading rotation speed can be done by a graduated collar or a digital display, showing rotation speed. A high exactidude is hereby provided.
The rotation speed can vary about 10% due to tolerances.

Automatic feed gear (AV)

Automatic feed gear (AV)
The automatic feed gears are made in four different sizes, that enables drilling capacities from 25 to 50 mm. All of them have electromagnetic toothed couplings for changing gears and as overload protection.

The power feeds can be easily switched on and within easy reach by lightly pressing sideways one of the feed lever. Switching off is also possible by pushing feed lever or the spindle will be automatically stopped after achieving the drilling depth.
The return spring can be adjusted to the tool weight.

Tapping unit (G)

Tapping unit (G)
Machines from size 18 can be fitted with a modern tapping unit. (approx. 8 threads/min possible at medium speeds). The function of feed levers changes during the thread cutting operation mode in case of machines, having automatic feeds. This can be done by lateral pushing. The rotating direction will be reserved, that enables a comfortable, gradual thread cutting even by working with difficult material. Attention: Option 4 is required!

The tapping unit is always combined with an emergency stop buttom. Each machine has a depth control stopper. Therefore different versions are available.
The main switch can be locked by a padlock.