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Drilling machines made in Germany


Bench drilling machine

Precise, smooth running standard drilling machine, high accuracy and quality. Table adjustment via rack and pivotable around column by 360°.
Motor protection, cross lever. Mains connection 230 V.

Technical data

Constant capacity in E 335 15 mm
Standard capacity 18 mm
Spindle MT 2
Spindle travel 80 mm
Spindle to column 180 mm
Spindle to table to 380 mm
Table surface 250 x 220 mm
Column diameter 65 mm
Total height 910 mm
Weight 80 kg
Frequency-controlled 3-phase motor 1.1 kW
Reversing switch clockwise/counterclockwise rotation for tapping
Infinitely variable spindle speed 200 - 4,000 rpm
Delivery class I
Package class A


2 | Floor units
Floor units   W x D x H (mm)
BT 13/
without door
225 x 380 x 660
15 kg
BT 18 GL/
BT 20/BTB 20
345 x 602 x 730
45 kg
BT 25/35 400 x 690 x 720
65 kg
BT 6/18/15 300 x 470 x 760
40 kg
ECOMAX 14* 600 x 700 x 840
60 kg
*) no picture
7 | Electric cooling unit
Electric cooling unit With 20 liter coolant tank,
including pump,
pipe connections,
flexible outlet and shut-off valve.
9 | PV hydro-pNEWmatic feed unit
PV hydro-pNEWmatic feed unit Hydro-pNEWmatical feed unit for semi-automatic production drilling up to 12, 16 or 20 mm drilling capacity respectively. Continously adjustable feed rates, optional also with final stop retardation and chip breakage control.
11 | MKF Quick clamping adjustment
MKF Quick clamping adjustment MKF Quick clamping adjustment
MKF 65/65 Z
MKF 75 Z
15 | Electrical drill guard
Drill guard electrical Standard safety equipment for the cover of the tool, with electric safety protection.
For all drilling and tapping machines, the drill protection is height adjustable.
38 | Drilling package
Order no. 58288
Drill chuck taper MT 2/B 16 1 x
Drill socket MT 2/MT 1 1 x
Machine vice MSP 80 1 x
Self clamping chuck 13 mm/B 16 1 x
If required, for tapping with key type chuck.
Revolving and multi spindle heads Machine lamp
Revolving drilling heads
Prices on request
Machine lamp
Self-cocking drill chuck, drill chuck taper Machine vices
Self-cocking drill chuck, drill chuck taper Machine vices
Drum-stop revolver stop
 Drum-stop revolver stop Mechanical, 6 different drilling depths adjustable

For drilling machines (43552)
For thread machines (67915)
(for size 25/UNIMAX 3 only!)


Catalogue 2018/19 (version 2018-09)
Drilling machines, tapping machines, drilling-milling machines, hand tools

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Price list Machines 2018 (valid from 2018-03-01)
Drilling machines, tapping machines, drilling-milling machines

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