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Drilling machines made in Germany

Maxion maxtap/jobtap
Maxion maxtap/jobtapill. with XY-table
Maxion maxtap/jobtap G5G5

Tapping machine

Reliable thread tap production, Thread cutting/thread molding, Rethreading and postforming, Screw in of thread inserts and screws, Tapping torque monitored and controlled drive, Menu guided operation, No tool breakage, Integrated piece counter.

Technical data

maxtap/jobtap G5 
Tapping performance stainless steel M 1 - M 5
maxtap/jobtap G8 
Tapping performance stainless steel M 2.5 - M 8
maxtap/jobtap G14 
Tapping performance stainless steel M 3.5 - M 12
maxtap/jobtap G16 
Tapping performance stainless steel M 4 - M 14
MAXION´s maxtap equipment includes  
Serial interface RS232
Parallel interface I/O
Programmes for turn in of screws & thread inserts and continous operation of motor for counterboring & reboring SW
indicating PC software that shows process of actual thread cut to optimise process parameters WinPCA View
Delivery class I
Package class a lump sum of 95 €


ZAP Z- axis controlled pNEWmatic feeding system
MMS Controllable minimum quantity lubricant unit
SWS & SZS * Quick change tool holder system& optional fixed collet holder system
DSK Double spindle head adapter
SHV & HVS * Column special size & horizontal adjustment
LSM Spindle motor air seal
MLM Magnetic machine light
SSB/ASL Security key/audible signal light
QND Serial printer for quality report
MPT Integrated manual positioning XY-table
SSW * Customer-specific software for handling actuations
WinPCA TAP Analysing PC software for comparison, evaluation of series of measurement and their storage
  *) on request


Catalogue 2018/19 (version 2018-09)
Drilling machines, tapping machines, drilling-milling machines, hand tools

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Price list Machines 2018 (valid from 2018-03-01)
Drilling machines, tapping machines, drilling-milling machines

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Product information MAXION maxtap/jobtap (Version 2011-12, german/english)
A perfect machine for your threads

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