Pic: with MKF 40 (optional)
Delivery without drilling machine !

MBS 165 - Drill rig

Solid construction for precise drillings. Because of the asymmetric arrangement of 40 mm column to the baseplate arises additional free space. Milled working area with clamping slot for fixing of e.g. vices. The angled machine support allows easy reading of depth scaling. With integrated release spring and depth stop. Maximum drilling depth of 65 mm can be achieved without displacing your hand. Machine support can be swivelled around column (picture 1), so that very long pieces can be drilled as well when attached to the end of the working bench. Safety technology assures riskless adjustment to desired working height. Machine support is fastened to column with clamping lever. No danger of injuries and drill breakage. (picture 2).

Picture 1
Picture 2
Depth stop

Technical data